The best methods for dealing with alcoholism

Methods for dealing with alcoholism

Methods for dealing with alcoholism are numerous. The most important thing is to really make the decision to start therapy. The patient has to be sure that he wants a new life and to get a new chance to start living normally.

A person who has a problem with alcoholism has to decide to ask for help when he is not under alcohol influence. Also, he has to choose the right clinic because if he is not choosing the right one, the healing will not be successful. His decision has to be strong, and he has to really want that. This is not an easy thing to do, but it is necessary if he wants to continue to live.

Why do we need methods for dealing with alcoholism?

Healing alcoholism addiction is an extremely hard thing to do and that process requires a lot of effort. Alcoholism is causing numerous diseases that may, during the time, lead to death.

Delirium tremens is a very common alcohol withdrawal side-effect that may cause a complete organism collapse. Alcohol is very easily affordable because it is not an expensive opiate and most importantly it is not forbidden by the law.

After a hard day at work or a stressful situation, a person wants to come home and to relax. That is when he/or she wants a glass of vine or some other drink, and that is completely fine if that really is only one glass and not every day. The problem starts when that becomes a habit and a normal thing to do in the afternoon.

Methods for dealing with alcoholism

The healing is necessary and has to be done under the clinical conditions. Also, under a constant watch of the doctors.

Dealing with alcoholism, just like any other addiction, requires a plan and developed methods of healing. The tailor-made plan is a crucial thing because everything has to be appropriate for the patient.

The most effective methods for dealing with alcoholism

The most effective method is the tailor-made method because only that one is completely correspondent to the patient. In the clinic, we are adapting each therapy to the patient.

When a patient comes to the clinic, we are doing a diagnostic. That process includes urine tests, blood analysis, ECG and an internist examination. Our doctors are doing these tests in order to find out everything about the patient, his physical and psychological condition.

The second phase is detoxification. The body has to be cleaned from all the toxins. When the doctors accomplish that, they are providing a psychostabilisation. In this phase, they are using revolutionary methods such as aversive therapy, N.Е.Т. therapy, transair therapy, and psychotherapy. Each one of them is extremely beneficial, but the patient’s condition is a crucial thing in deciding which one of them will be used.

The pharmacological blockade is, also, a part of the therapy that includes using a medicament in order to maintain the treatment result.

Methods for dealing with alcoholism

When the treatment is over, doctors are recommending out-patient support. That includes at least monthly contact with doctors so they could follow up and change therapy if it is necessary.

The best clinic for healing an addiction

You need a clinic that is one of a kind clinic that has a great result in healing an addiction problem. All our patients are now very successful people that are a productive part of society.

In extreme situations and very hard psychological addictions, we are using ibogaine, a very beneficial substance. Also, we are providing seven od ten days procedure of healing an alcohol addiction, depending on the patient’s needs.

The clinic that is the best in the Balkans has helped a lot of people… Not only because of the revolutionary methods but also because we are gathering an international team of well-respected doctors.

We know that we can help, but, most importantly, we know exactly how to help! Give us a chance to change your life.


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