Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment is a slow and demanding process. Alcoholism, or alcohol addiction, is one of the oldest addictions. Also, it is one of the most commonly used opiates in the world.

It is easy to get alcohol, also it is not very expensive and it is not illegal. A person, probably, will not go in jail if he drinks alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is allowed for everyone who is an adult


Is it necessary to treat alcohol addiction?

A person becomes an alcoholic when drinking starts to be his preoccupation. Many people do not consider alcoholism as a dangerous addiction. It is mostly because an addicted person is not using any illegal substances, but it is a delusion. Alcoholism is dangerous as much as any other addiction.

Alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction has to be treated in clinical conditions, under constant medical care. Alcohol withdrawal has a lot of side-effects that may be a treat to health and someone’s life.

Harmful alcohol effects are always been known, but that has not minimized its consumption. A person under the alcohol influence may be angry, aggressive and dissatisfied. That has a big impact on the family and everybody else who are around an alcoholic. Alcoholism leads to divorce, family breakdown, loss of job, as well as social status.

Alcohol addiction treatment

There is only one proper treatment of alcoholism, and it is an only medical one. A person during withdrawal has to be under constant medical treatment.

Withdrawal syndrome is an extremely dangerous condition. After consuming large amounts of alcohol, the person getting sober feels nervousness, trembling, as well as tremor. Heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, and sweating are also common symptoms.

Alcohol addiction treatment

There is a lot of therapy options but it is important that doctors adapt treatment to every single person. If a therapy is not tailor-made, there is a possibility that the process of getting sober will not be successful.

Clinical treatment of alcohol addiction

During the time, symptoms are becoming more and more intense. Also, it becomes extremely difficult to bear. The addicts develop a habit of regular usage of alcohol. Therefore, they need a drink only to feel normal as well as to avoid hangovers.

There are two types of alcohol withdrawal therapies. The duration of the first one is seven days, and the other one is a 10-days procedure.

The first phase of the treatment is diagnostic. It is necessary that doctors determine the real state of the patient, as well as how strong is an addiction.

The patient is doing a urine test, and tests for hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV infection. Doctors are taking blood analysis, blood biochemical testing, as well as ECG, and an internist examination. When the testing is over, the doctors are adapting therapy to the patient’s needs.

Alcohol addiction treatment

Detoxification is the second phase of treating alcohol addiction. Detox is crucial and includes infusions, vitamins, but also the complex of preparations that protect the brain. Also, it is necessary to normalize the heart work, as well as the liver, kidneys and peripheral nervous system.

Psycho-stabilization is a milestone in the withdrawal process. In the whole treatment process, the most important thing is to heal the psychological effects that caused the addiction. Medical experts are helping the patients to go through this whole process and to really solve its problems.

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