Drug overdose – How many people have died from addiction?

Drug overdose

Drug overdose is an increasingly common cause of death, especially among the younger population. Addiction develops out of negligence, and as a result of rebellion and curiosity of young people. Drugs are one of the biggest plagues of today. It is sometimes very difficult to cure addiction, but it is not impossible!

Addiction is curable, and you only need will and an appropriate addiction treatment clinic. Self-rehab is not recommended, as very often the outcome is not satisfactory.

Teens are a high-risk group of potential addicts. They are in the age when they want to be independent, prove maturity and therefore act unreasonably. Then, most often under the influence of friends, they try various opiates, and very often continue with consumption. There is great responsibility on the parents as well as other agents of socialization. They must respond in a timely manner and prevent problems from developing.

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