Symptoms of physical addiction – treating physical addiction


Symptoms of physical addiction can be very difficult.

Use of various psychoactive substances has been known since ancient times. Archaeological sites have discovered that ancient Sumerians used opium as a “drink of pleasure” as early as 5,000 years ago, while at that time the Chinese had already heavily used poppy tea to treat various pains. The Egyptians also made opium in the valley of Thebes, as confirmed by papyrus records.

The first specific evidence of the use of marijuana comes from Israel around 1500 BC.

Namely, in the grave of a woman, believed to have died in childbirth, researchers found the remains of this plant.

Although addiction is as old as humankind, it was not until the mid-20th century that increased abuse of tablets and other psychoactive substances occurred. Due to the widespread availability, their abuse is characteristic of all parts of the world, regardless of economic and social development. In the last decades, the use of synthetic drugs has increased. They have a stronger effect than “natural” ones, so they are more dangerous for the body.

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