How a family may help the addict?


Family is crucial support when we talk about healing addiction. Family members should be around a person with a problem all the time and have lots of patience and understanding. There is a lot of ways that family may help an addict.

Addiction is one of the hardest health issues of today. A person could become an addict so suddenly that they can not even realize what is happening. That is why it is one of the most difficult illnesses to cure. Of course, getting better is possible, but it requires commitment all the time. An addict has to be very dedicated or everything will just fall apart.

A family member trying to help an addict

When we talk about addiction, it is not only an addict in the problem. It affects all the people that are around him. Especially if an addict has mood swings, an attack of anxiety, or a problem with rage. His family and friends are also the ones who suffer. The entire circle of people who care and love an addict is in pain, maybe even more than an addict himself.

Exactly how much someone is affected depends on the nature of the relationship to the addict. That includes co-workers, bosses, and even neighbors. There are examples when the boss or co-worker was closer to the addict than a family member.

Every single situation is different and depends on the social and family life of the addict before he got an addiction. It is better if his connection with family and friends is strong. Then it will be more obvious that something bad is going on with him. The sooner an addiction is noticed, it is easier to cure.

The price that family members have to pay because of addiction

It is completely normal that the people who are around the addict, who love him and care about him, are in pain and suffer as much as he does. Family members are always trying to control, monitor and manage the addict and addiction itself. They subordinate their whole life to an addict. It is very hard and difficult to manage and the pain that is caused by failure is unimaginable.

They are three “C”s: that families follow: you didn’t cause it, you can’t cure it, and you can’t control it. That is the way of thinking that people should take. The best thing is to make an adjustment to a situation, and just deal with it.

An addict does not have a choice. He just has to do what needs to be done. It is stronger than him, that is why he is addicted. There is no promise, no commitment, obligation, or shame. They may say that they are sorry and they are sorry, but they will do it all over again. Not because they do not love their family and friends, but because they simply have to.

How a family can help an addict

Family members always think that they have done it all. Maybe that is the truth, but the time was not right. You should always keep trying. Family and all loved ones just want to know how to help. There is no magical recipe. Just be stubborn and never give up.

Those who love an addict will often try to protect them from the consequences of their choices. That is understandable but maybe it should be considered another way. Let them be afraid, maybe that will change them.

Pay more attention to yourself. Maybe that will change an addict. If you change, the addict will change as well, inevitably. Also, if they reach out for help, it will be good if you are in a healthy place and able to support and guide them. Addiction is destructive. You have to be healthy – for you and for them too.


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