Internet Addiction Treatment – Everything You Need To Know

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What is an internet addiction disorder? How to recognize if someone is addicted to internet content and what are the warning signs and symptoms? And, most importantly – how does an internet addiction treatment look like?

The internet has definitely changed the way we live, think and communicate with people. There are many good sides of consuming internet content and surfing on world wide web. There are many available and useful information out there and they are just one click away from us. Basically, you can learn many new things and find out literally everything that is in your area of interest. Needless to say that billions of people can’t imagine their lives without the most popular social media networks. These networks go hand in hand with the use of the internet.

Although, many of us believe that watching funny cats or dogs on YouTube is a harmless activity, excessive computer use can really interfere all of our daily activities. Also, it has significantly negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Depending upon internet content and the use of computer and other online-mobile devices, without any doubt, leads to developing an internet addiction.

Countries that have a large number of people (China…) recognize this condition as a serious national health problem.

Internet Addiction Treatment – What Are The Signs?

Internet addiction disorder (IAD) or internet dependency is a compulsive behavior which results in pathological and problematic use of internet content. An addict excessively and for the long period of time consumes content on the world wide web. He does it despite its harmful consequences. It is a medical disorder that absolutely dominates an addict’s life in every single way, leaving many negative physical and psychological effects.

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As any other addiction (cocaine addiction, heroin addiction…), there is no single cause of an internet dependency. However, research suggest that brain chemistry, with people suffering from IAD, is identical to the brain makeup of those addicts who are suffering from alcohol dependence or narcotics overuse.

But, studies show that there are several risk factors that can cause an internet dependency. Biological predispositions, genetic factors, environmental factors, psychological issues such as depression or anxiety, lack of social interaction… Individually or mixed up – medical experts consider them as main causes of an internet addiction disorder.

Regardless to risk factors, the most important thing is to recognize signs and symptoms of an internet dependency. It is important because an internet addiction treatment is more effective if this type of treatment starts in the early stages.

These symptoms include:

  • sudden mood changes;
  • lack of control of how much time you are spending online;
  • worrying what is happening online when you’re not on the internet;
  • increasing the time on the internet in order to achieve pleasant feelings;
  • isolation, irritability, lack of concentration, depression, defensiveness, anxiety, hiding or lying about internet use;
  • loneliness, isolation, fear, avoiding hobbies, problems with finding a job or interpersonal tension;
  • back pain, neck pain, weight gain, problems with eye vision, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, poor personal hygiene;

Most Common Types Of An Internet Addiction

If you recognize any of these symptoms, internet addiction treatment is a must. However, internet dependency is a wide term that covers various range of problematic online behavior. There is no unique act that can be identified as an IAD.

So, there are 5 most common types of an internet addiction.

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  1. Cybersex addiction. This type of an internet addiction includes an obsession with visiting adult and pornographic web-sites. An addict indulges in his fantasies, by constantly searching the sexual content on these web-sites, or in XXX chat rooms, or web cam services. Also, this kind of behavior can really damage and harm an addict’s real life sexual or intimate relationships.
  2. Online compulsive behavior. Online gambling or online shopping, digital trading stocks or online auctions are extremely harmful habits that have negative financial consequences. Spending a lot of money on these activities can put a lot of “stress” on someone’s budget.
  3. Online relationship addiction. Searching a partner via social media is a common type of behavior nowadays. However, if someone continually seeks for an online interaction with people, neglecting real-life relationships, that is certainly a type of an IAD. Unrealistic expectations and lack of social skills are just some of the effects of online relationship addiction.
  4. Compulsive online data seeking. Nevertheless, the constant and uncontrollable urge to find as many online information as one wants can lead to an addiction development. It can reduce work effectiveness and motivation, as well as job productivity. Consequently, this behavior will lead to stressful, depressing and anxious feelings.
  5. Gaming Addiction. Excessively playing games in online or offline mode is a typical IAD. This addiction is also known as a computer addiction and it is one of the oldest ones. A gaming addict doesn’t know how to tell a difference between imagination and reality.

How To Get Rid Of This Addiction?

As we can see, internet addiction is a serious health problem that leaves negative impacts on the entire life of an addict. But, fortunately, there is a solution for this problem and there are ways to get rid of an addiction in a safe and painless way.

The right clinic and professional medical staff will eliminate your obsessive need to consume an internet content. Also, the purpose of treating internet addiction disorder is for the patient to regain control over his emotions and behavior, but also to stabilize his psychological and physical health.

Internet addiction treatment goes on in several phases:

  1. Diagnostics. The most significant phase of treatment when doctors examine patients physical and psychological state.
  2. Pharmacotherapy. Additionally, in this phase medications help patient to regain balance, but they also eliminate nervousness and tension.
  3. Treatment with medical devices. These devices help patient to correct behavioral disorder and they eliminate the pathological desire for consuming internet content.
  4. Psychotherapy. It includes individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and family psychotherapy.
  5. Treating psychological addiction using pharmacohypnosis.
  6. Out-patient treatment. This phase includes regular monthly follow-ups as well as ongoing support after leaving the clinic.

If you need an internet addiction treatment, make sure to seek for a medical advice. Let the internet addiction become your past. The quality rehab center will definitely help you overcome this problem.


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