Signs of heroin addiction


Signs of heroin addiction have been known for over 100 years.

Heroin is one of the strongest substances ever discovered. Although many try it out of curiosity, they very quickly get drawn into the vicious cycle of regular use. Experts point out that heroin addiction develops in just 3 weeks. That is, you only need to take this drug 10 times for the signs of heroin addiction to be exhibited.

Heroin is administered in a variety of ways – by snorting, smoking, inhaling fumes from foil, or injecting into vein. In the body, it almost instantly transforms into morphine that binds to brain receptors. These receptors, in turn, control the perception of pain and the reward system. Under the influence of heroin, the pain disappears, and the influx of pleasant emotions intensifies.

If treatment for heroin addiction is not started in time, the problem becomes chronic. With it comes an increase in tolerance. It results in severe symptoms of physical dependence and affects mental health. This is confirmed by the latest statistics. Namely, heroin overdose death rate has increased five-fold in the last decade.

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