Heroin detox – How to get clean

Heroin detox

Heroin detox center is the right place when an addict wants to get clean. This kind of detoxification is a must when it comes to withdrawal. Heroin addiction is one of the hardest ones in the world. Every addiction is hard and difficult because when it takes a priority to a person, there is no more enjoyment.

Addiction is a disease like any other one, but even more difficult because a person is taking responsibility for its own decisions. Addiction is a disease of choice. Someone has made a choice to take heroin.

Heroin is one of the strongest drugs in the world, as well as heroin addiction. Drug detox has to be done under the clinical conditions because a person can not go through that process by himself.

Heroin detox – Making a decision

Before a person decides to get clean, he has to be sure about that. Also, that is one of the most important decisions in his life – at least at that point.

Heroin has many negative effects on the body. It takes control over all his life. Nothing is important anymore, only finding a new dose. Heroin influences on the whole organism.

At first, it takes control of his brain and cognitive functions. Heroin usage causes brain damage, poor memory, and seizures. Also, not only that addict is suffering, but his family too.

Heroin detox

Collapsed veins and viral diseases are a common problem with heroin addicts. Lung diseases, liver, kidneys, and brain damage are a normal thing to see when it comes to this type of addicts. Heroin addicts, also, have an issue with concentration and memory and they only think about heroin.

The best therapies for heroin detox

When a patient comes to the clinic, he has to be examined and tested by doctors. The standard diagnostic examination includes tests for hepatitis and HIV infection, general blood analysis, ECG and an internist examination.

After the diagnostics and examination, a doctor will prescribe the tailor-made therapy for the patient. Every single addict has his own story and habits, and that is why not every therapy is a good choice for him. He will get a treatment that is created for him.

Detoxification is the first phase in the process of healing. During this procedure, all the symptoms of crisis will be reduced. Some of them will completely disappear. There is a few methods of detoxification.

Ultra-rapid detoxification is modern and extremely effective method. It will quickly clean the body from all the toxins. There are no contraindications. After the treatment, a patient will be clean of harmful material and he will no longer feel discomfort.

Neuro-jet therapy is one of the methods that is usable for influencing nerve cells in the part of the brain responsible for the secretion of endorphin. Neuro-jet is a small device that regulates the production of dopamine and endorphin. The stimulation is painless.

Pharmacotherapy relieves the symptoms of crisis and provides protection against pain. Doctors are using medicament to treat irritability, nervousness, and insomnia. Transair therapy is a special procedure that causes the brain hemisphere functioning harmonization. After this therapy, a patient will feel relaxed and in balance.

The best clinic for heroin detoxification

You need the best clinic for healing addiction, and especially heroin addiction. Our team consists of international experts that are the very best in this area of medicine.

Heroin detox

After the heroin detoxification therapy, the patient is going through physiotherapy which is a combination of physical and medical therapy. Also, this includes a deep tissue massage that calms and relaxes the body. In some cases, pharmacological blockade is necessary.

When a patient goes through all these phases, doctors are demanding outpatient treatment. During 12 months patients have to come to a clinic, so the medical experts can follow his condition.

We know that we can help you! Start living a normal life as soon as possible.


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