The hardest thing when you realize that you have a problem


The hardest thing when you realize that you have a problem is understanding.

An addiction is a mix of a lot of feelings. That is a complex of bad behaviors and habits that are developed during time. Every addiction comes because of more profound problems.

That is always an upcoming state of mind and every addict has a background history.

The hardest thing when you realize that you have a problem – Confession

First of all, an addict has to make a confession to yourself and then to all the others. The best way is to really pay attention to himself and take some time. He has to acknowledge the reason WHY.

Why is he doing that to himself? There is almost always a deeper reason for everything. Is he unsatisfied with his life or with a part of his life? What may he do to make things better? Also, he has to admit that he needs help to solve this problem.

It is not possible to go through all that by himself. He needs medical help, but also a help from his family.

When he finessed a “talk” to himself, that he has to tell to everybody else. First family. Family is the most important thing in healing. Their comfort is necessary.

Also, friends. Friends have to be there as support in that whole process. After colleges and bosses. They have to be understanding and supporting.

The hardest thing when you realize that you have a problem – Dealing with feelings

Feelings are always included in all of the processes. When addiction is developing and after, during healing.

There is a psychological profile of the persons who have a predisposition to become an addict. Mostly those are the ones that have some issues with their family. Everything comes from a family, and that is the truth. Everything that you carry from your childhood will affect your life.

Also, people that are under stress daily, will probably develop some kind of addiction. They will see some kind of an escape in that, consume it every day and become an addict eventually.

The most important thing before going to a clinic and starting the process of healing is to deal with all the feelings that are inside of you.

Do not be hard on yourself and stop blaming anybody for anything. That is all because of the circumstances that you find yourself in. Every single thing has a reason why. An addict has to concentrate on solving a problem, and not propounding one.

What is that every addict feels

Statistics have shown that every single addict has a problem with feeling like helplessness I powerlessness. That is where addictive behavior helps him. With addictive behavior, he feels like he has control, but he is deluded. He feels empowered. An addiction helps him to feel like he has control over emotions.

When he feels overwhelmed, he is developing rage behavior. This rage is actually a normal response to the serious emotional injury of losing a sense that one is in control over oneself and one’s life.

Most importantly, there is a substitute behavior or displacement. An addict usually does not have a reaction towards the person or thing that made him mad or angry. If someone told him something bad, he will not respond to him, but instead, he will go home and start drinking (for example).

Because of displacement, an addiction is developing. The healthiest thing is to react normally and say something if you have a need. Do not go home and feel bad about everything.

Healing of an addiction

A patient needs a team that has a great and experienced doctors and experts from all around the world. They are all ready to help you solve a problem with an addiction.

Healing is very important and you need to start it as soon as possible.


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