Alcohol is killing people

Alcohol is killing people

Statistics are telling us that alcohol is killing people. The severe consumption of alcohol is alcoholism. This condition involves the inability to manage drinking habits. Alcoholism is an alcohol usage disorder. An alcoholic thinks that he can not live without alcohol.

There are three types of alcoholism – mild, moderate and severe. Each one of them has harmful side effects. Also, a person who is an alcoholic feels like he can not function normally without alcohol. That condition may impact his personal goals, relationships, and general health. Even alcohol withdrawal may cause serious health problems and issues. This problem is solvable, especially in our clinic in Belgrade, Serbia.

Alcohol is killing people

Alcohol may harm your health. Excessive alcohol usage is leading to approximately 88,000 deaths. Also, this addiction is shortening the lives by an average of 30 years.

Standard drink contains approximately 18 milliliters of pure alcohol. That is found in 350 milliliters of beer, 150 milliliters of wine or 44 milliliters of vodka or whiskey.

Excessive drinking includes binge drinking, heavy drinking, and any drinking by pregnant. Also, it is no acceptable that people younger than age 21. For women’s organism is excessive to drink four or more during a single occasion. For men, it is five or more drinks. Heavy drinking for women is consuming eight or more drinks but for men 15 or more. 

Alcohol consumption is, also, causing many serious diseases that can really impact badly on an organism. The liver is, most commonly, the first organ that people are having a problem with. Drinking heavily significantly increases the risk of alcoholic fatty liver. In like manner, other effects on the liver include long-term inflammation or hepatitis.

Alcohol is killing people

Pancreatitis is, also, one of the most common diseases caused by alcohol. This is a painful inflammation of the pancreas that may, also, cause death. Alcohol is killing people, sometimes, in the most terrible way.

Alcohol consumption may cause cancer because of the cell changes. Brain damage and immune system dysfunctions are very common when it comes to alcoholism. Osteoporosis may be developed especially if a person started to drink during young adulthood. Heart diseases are, also, a very common problem because blood pressure is very high when a person is drinking.

Alcohol is killing people in other ways too

It is not allowed to drink alcohol when a person is younger than 18 or 21 years old. Pregnant or women who may be pregnant also can not drink alcohol.

Many people drink alcohol and drive a car. When a person is drunk, it is easy to cause a car accident and lose a life. Not only that he is risking his life, but also others who are getting in touch with him. When in alcoholic condition, his coordination is compromised and it is not safe for him to drive.

Also, some medications when in interaction with alcohol may cause problems. If a person is taking some pills and then consumes alcohol, there is a possibility that he will get in trouble or that his awareness will be faded.

Alcohol is very dangerous and alcoholism is taking many lives! Clinical dealing with this addiction is crucial.

How to deal with alcoholism?

Clinical help is necessary. The clinic for dealing with addiction is one of the best in Europe. It is important to gather an international team of medical experts who have many years of experience.

Alcohol is killing people

In the process of healing, it is best to use modern and revolutionary methods in order to help patients. They are having a support 24/7. Also, we are doing our best to make them this process as comfortable as possible.

Remember that alcohol is killing people but it is possible to deal with this addiction and to feel normal again.


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