Marijuana detox methods

Marijuana detox

Marijuana detox is necessary if an addict wants to stop using this dangerous drug.

Cannabis or marijuana is a widespread drug that many people are consuming daily or recreationally. This drug is legal in some countries and that is what only makes things harder and more complicated.

Some people may think that marijuana is not causing addiction and that it is not dangerous, but it is a delusion. This is an extremely threatening and alarming substance. It is causing many negative side-effects and psychological addiction. Marijuana withdrawal is necessary and has to be done under a constant medical watch and in clinical conditions.

Why is marijuana detox necessary?

Marijuana is a very unhealthy and unsafe drug that is has been taken lightly by many people. Marijuana may be consumed by smoking or eating. When smoking, the effects of marijuana will be noticeable after only a few minutes, and after eating, for about 30 or 60 minutes. The feeling that marijuana provides may last for two to six hours.

Cannabis is causing bad physical and psychological effects. There are long-term and short-term negative consequences of marijuana abuse. It is changing perception and increases appetite.

When “high” an addict will feel a mood boost but also feeling like paranoia and anxiety are possible. An addict will have a problem with dry mouth, red eyes, and impaired motor skills. Also, the ones who consume marijuana will have a problem with remembering things and short-term memory.

Marijuana detox

After some time, is someone is consuming marijuana daily, these effects will only get worse. This drug is decreasing attention and mental ability, especially with adolescents. An addict will start to cough chronically. Respiratory infections are often as well as behavioral issues.

There is, also, a strong relation between marijuana usage and the risk of psychosis. It is well known that marijuana is causing a decrease of the intelligence quotient.

Marijuana detox in clinic

If someone really wants to stop using marijuana, it is necessary to ask for help. He can not do it by himself, because this is an addiction like any other. A person can not go through that process alone.

The first step when an addict comes to a clinic is to do a diagnose. Doctors are doing some tests and after getting the results, they are creating a tailor-made plan of healing. It is important to have precise information about the patient’s condition so the therapy will be proper.

The first step in dealing with addiction is marijuana detox. It is of great importance to clean the body from all the toxins and unhealthy substances.

Neuro-Jet therapy (N.E.T.) is the best choice for this process. This therapy enables the stimulation of the brain. That stimulation is causing happy thoughts and reestablishes internal balance. The mood is normalizing and the desire for drugs is decreasing.

Also, a patient will get help through pharmacotherapy. When the body is clean and an addict does not crave drugs, dealing with psychological addiction may start.

Marijuana detox

Psychotherapy is the best for this kind of problem. He will have treatments with doctors that have many years of experience. These therapies may be individual or in a group. Physiotherapy is, also, a part of dealing with the addiction and it helps by improving patient’s skills.

The best clinic for drug withdrawal

It is important to pick the right clinic that has a long tradition in healing people and helping them with the addiction.

The international team that has many years of experience are more than happy to give you the best advice and to make a withdrawal experience. Rearrange your priorities and make healing the most important thing in your life.



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