How alcoholism affects you and your family


Alcohol destroys many organs in the body, primarily the liver, and leads to cirrhosis. Also, it causes pain and numbness, impotence, stomach mucosa irritation (which can lead to ulcer and stomach cancer), damages pancreas (which increases the risk of developing diabetes), leads to an increase in blood pressure and cardiac insufficiency.

In mental terms, it leads to the deterioration of neurons and psychological problems. Loss of nerve cells leads to poor memory and permanent changes in the brain. Alcoholic epilepsy, a very dramatic condition characterized by loss of consciousness, falling, cramps, and respiratory failure, also often occurs.

Delirium tremens is the most horrible consequence of alcoholism. Nighttime fears, nightmares and sweating, rapid heartbeat and fever occur, and these symptoms are followed by non recognizing other people, illusions and hallucinations.

Delirium tremens is a very urgent condition with a high mortality rate, so treatment must be done in hospital conditions.

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