Amphetamines – Addiction Treatment


Amphetamines are a large group of synthetically obtained psychoactive substances. By chemical composition, they are similar to adrenaline, but unlike it they pass the blood-brain barrier, creating addiction.

They are recognized as white crystalline powder, although they are rarely found in pure form on the market. They are usually mixed with caffeine, aspirin, sugar and even flour. They are available as powders, tablets, capsules of various shapes, sizes and colors, but also as ample solutions. They are known as “speed”, “fast”, “up”, “uppers”, “louee”, “whiz”.

As synthetic drugs have been in increasingly used in recent years, amphetamines have been slowly suppressing natural narcotics. Their popularity is also confirmed by statistics. Namely, about 34 million people have tried amphetamines at least once in their lives, which is more than cocaine and heroin combined. Their widespread is accompanied by a large market. More specifically, over 400 tonnes of this substance are illegally produced annually.

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