Psychological addiction treatment

Psychological addiction treatment

Psychological addiction treatment is a must when it comes to healing addiction. This type of addiction is even more difficult and severe than a physical one. Psychological effects that have an impact on the organism are a very dangerous thing and must be taken very seriously.

Psychological, or emotional addiction, is a compulsion or need to use addictive substances. An addict is only thinking about an object of his addiction and trying to find a way to please his needs. Psychological dependence is a feeling of anxiety and anhedonia, upon cessation of drug use or certain behaviors. This condition is developing through frequent exposure to a psychoactive substance or behavior.

The importance of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is of the key importance of healing addiction. Psychotherapy is a therapy that heals psychological problems.

Also, the therapists are trying to speak about other patient’s problems in order to find the thing that caused all that.

Psychological addiction treatment

Psychological addiction is linked with the feeling that the addictive substance is creating. The hormones of happiness and desire are recreating the same pleasure and developing a pleasant mood after the first dose. As time goes by, the person starts to completely rely on the psychoactive substance. If someday, there is now substance that was causing all those positive feelings, an addict will be in problem and in crisis.

Psychological addiction treatment – Procedures

Doctors are performing a psychological addiction treatment in clinical conditions because addiction is a very special sickness. An addict caused that issue and has to deal with it.

Ibogaine treatment is highly beneficial in solving the problem of psychological addiction. Treatment with Ibogaine is the most effective method. It is a type of psycho-hypnosis when an addict takes a prescribed dose of ibogaine

The aversive procedures are the therapies that are forming the aversion to psychoactive substances. This procedure uses pharmacological substances to create a disgust towards the narcotic the patient uses.

Individual psychotherapy is involving the individual work of a psychotherapist with a patient. During that treatment, a therapist is trying to resocialize a patient and to bring him a new life.

Group psychotherapy is involving the work of a psychotherapist with a group of patients.

Psychological addiction treatment

Psychoeducation is providing the patient with information about his illness and motivates him to increase motivation and criticality.

Family psychotherapy is involving a method of psychological help during which a psychotherapist works with the entire family or several of its members.

Psychological addiction treatment in Europe

You need a clinic that is performing not only psychological addiction treatment but also a physical one. When a patient comes into our clinic, we are doing some tests in order to find out everything about his body and organism’s condition. After gathering all the results, we are creating a tailor-made therapy that involves not only healing a psychological aspect, but also a physical one.

The patient needs a body detox, so we are using revolutionary technology in order to clean it from all the toxins that have accumulated in the body.

We are here to help you, and also, we are available 24 hours a week. Our best medical experts are always there for their patients not only to heal them but also to be their friends and to listen to them.

After the treatment, we are recommending an out-patient therapy for a year. The patient has to come monthly, so the doctors could follow his condition.

There is not enough time to wait. Drug is a serious problem that has to be solved as soon as possible. Healing has to be the most important thing in your life! Rearrange your priorities!


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