Treatment of drug addiction – a chance for a new beginning


Drug addiction is characteristic of the existence of an insatiable desire to take drugs which must be got at all costs. Over time, higher amounts of a substance are needed to feel the desired effects, and the consequence of it all is the development of addiction that ultimately needs to be treated.

Drug addiction is an addiction to psychoactive substances.

Addiction can be psychological and physical or both, and if a person suddenly stops with drug consumption, he falls into a crisis that is extremely unpleasant and difficult to bear without professional help.

Addicts are recognized for often exhibiting drastic changes in behavior, hanging out with people similar to themselves and moving around circles where the drug is shared, and consumption is a common thing. They neglect obligations, often borrow money or even steal, and lies become part of their everyday lives. They often participate in criminal activities, such as theft and robbery.

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