Plasmapheresis – contemporary detoxification method


Plasmapheresis is a unique, modern method that is applied in treatments of many diseases, including alcoholismand drug addiction.

Drugs have been known since the age of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Opium was widely represented in China as well, as evidenced by the old Chinese saying:

“First the man takes the drug, then the drug takes the drug and, ultimately, the drug takes the man.”

Nevertheless, in the middle of the 20th century, with the development of liberalism, rock culture and decadence, America and Europe became the center of psychoactive substances. Today, addiction has won every part of the planet, growing into a global problem. The most prevalent are marijuana and heroin, though abuse of pills and alcoholism in the family of modern times are increasingly reported.

Considering that the number of consumers increases every year, new and improved methods of treating addictive disorders are continually being developed. Plasmapheresis particularly stands out among them.

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