Treating gambling addiction


Gambling is definitely a disorder. The main sign of the disorder is constant participation in gambling that is repeated and worsens regardless of the consequences (poverty, destruction of personal, professional and family life). People usually start gambling out of curiosity, with friends, for leisure, to escape from everyday problems. However, many do not understand that the bet is not just money, but also mental health.

They also do not realize that the loss is guaranteed, and that the gain is not mandatory.

Loss provokes self-love and they want a rematch, a new chance to regain money, to lose the feeling of loss, to feel powerful and successful. This creates a passion for gambling. At that time, they are placing increasingly greater bets and begin to enter the so-called gambling trance without even noticing. The gambling trance is accompanied by an altered state of consciousness and then they forget about the world around them. When they win the money, they usually do not leave with the won amount, they place new bets and continue to gamble until they lose all the money.

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