Cocaine causes strong psychological addiction


The effect of cocaine on the central nervous system is devastating. A person develops strong psychological addiction and changes in the brain.

The use of cocaine seriously impairs the psychological and physical health of the addicts, and an excessive dose can lead to death. Unfortunately, this also happens when the drug is taken for the first time as it can lead to a heart attack, so people with a bad heart are at a special risk.

Serious health problems that arise from the use of cocaine are heart problems and heart attacks, headache, stroke, loss of sense of smell, running and bleeding nose, destruction of the intestinal tissue and liver, the appearance of infections the most severe of which are HIV and hepatitis, weight loss and low immunity. Overdose is a common cause of death in cocaine addicts.

The mental consequences are increased irritability, paranoia, and restlessness.

Addicts lose their connection to reality, and paranoid psychoses often occur, which are characteristic by formication – a sensation like insects or snakes crawling over the skin. This is a very unpleasant experience and isolates addicts from the real world even more.

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