Gambling addiction treatment

Gambling addiction treatment

Gambling addiction treatment is one of the most demanded in the world. Many people have a problem with gambling and playing games of luck. They feel happy and fulfilled when playing these games.

This is an addiction that comes slowly and in hiding. The adrenaline has a huge influence on this addiction because, besides money, this is the strongest stimulant.

Clinical treatment is necessary and obliging when it comes to curing addiction. It is very hard when a person is going through the withdrawal by himself. That is why many of them are returning to their old habits and starting with the same thing all over again. Medical help is fundamental!

Gambling addiction treatment

Many clinics are providing medical help in order to heal addiction. Gambling addiction is very dangerous in spite of that does not include consuming harmful substances.

Also, in many cases, this addiction comes with others. A person who likes games of luck, in many cases, drinks a lot. In like manner, using cocaine and other drugs is not a rare thing. That person is not only spending a lot of money but also losing it.

Gambling addiction treatment

There is a saying that the house always wins and that is the truth. No one has ever won this game. Gaining money and beginner’s luck does not last forever, and when someone starts to lose money, that is the end of the game.

Not every clinic provides the best treatment for the patient. There are many different methods of healing an addiction, and not every single one is accustomed to every patient.

You need a clinic that is making a tailor-made program for patients. There are six phases in healing and every addict has to go through every one of them.

The first one is the diagnosis. This examination includes urine and tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV infection. Also, we are doing general blood analysis and blood biochemical testing. AN internist examination and ECG are, in like manner, obligatory. After this analysis, doctors are planning the following therapy.

Gambling addiction treatment – Healing the patient

Treatment includes five phases that are adapted to the patient’s needs. Pharmacotherapy is usable at the beginning of the treatment. Doctors are using this therapy in order to stabilize the mental state. These medications are helping to establish balance and eliminate nervousness as well as tension.

Also, we are using medical devices to help our patients. Neuro-Jet therapy influences the nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for the secretion of endorphin. Trans-air therapy in normalizing the functions of the left and right brain hemisphere. This method is used to correct behavioral disorders.

Psychotherapy is very beneficial for patients. We are offering individual psychotherapy where the therapist teaches the patient how to endure stress. Also, there is an educational psychotherapy that reveals the causes of the disorder. Group and family psychotherapy are also very beneficial and they are helping the patient to get back on his feet.

Gambling addiction treatment

Sometimes, in extremely hard cases, doctors are recommending one revolutionary method that is very good at healing psychological addiction. Pharmaco-hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy where a psychotherapist is using a medicament and has therapy with a patient. A medicine that is usable in this case is Ibogaine.

When a patient goes through these all treatments, doctors are recommending out-patient treatment. A patient has to check-in every month for a year. The doctors are checking his improvement and resocialization.

The best place for gambling addiction treatment

You need experts who are having lots of experience in this field and they are the best.

Patients are having constant care, help, and understanding. We really care about the patient’s well-being.

Gambling addiction treatment

We know that we can help you! It is only up to you to give us a chance and to start living a normal life again.


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