Medical psychotherapeutic procedures


When the greatest evil of the modern era, narcotics, is mentioned, many people think of it as something that only happens to other people. Unfortunately, many are unaware that the addiction problem is deeply rooted in the core of every society. And there are even fewer people who are willing to believe that their child or another family member may be facing some form of addiction.

Unfortunately, statistical data show that the situation is becoming more and more alarming with each passing year. The number of 20 million cases in the 1980s has tripled by the end of the last century. Today, the number is 200 million people. That is to say, about 5% of the world’s population regularly abuses psychoactive substances.

In addition to the increasing total number of addicts, the fact that their age range has also lowered drastically is also worrying.  Marijuana is now widely spread among twelve-year-olds. Synthetic drugs are being experimented with at the age of 15, and soon after cocaine and its effects on the body are discovered.

Alcoholism, pill abuse and gambling addiction shouldn’t be overlooked either, seeing as they have, along with stress, become an integral part of modern life.

Medical psychotherapeutic procedures are important for the treatment of psychological addiction.”


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