Treatment of psychostimulant addiction


The rapid pace of life, work pressure, and accumulated private commitments are the main characteristics of the modern era. While some struggle with everyday challenges, others, in turn, try to relieve constant stress by various substances. Unfortunately, their use leads to addiction, which cannot be overcome on one’s own.

Addictive disorders are the most widespread diseases of the modern man

They justly carry the epithet of the 21st-century epidemic. The devastating statistics record an increase in the number of new cases, as well as the discovery of new types of drugs every year. These synthetic substances, along with the already existing, have flooded not only the city streets but also the rural areas. So we can freely say that there is no place in the world where they have not left fatal consequences.

Although cocaine and its effects on the body have been known since ancient times, tablet abuse is the leading addiction of today’s world. This is confirmed by numerous studies. Namely, out of more than 200 million registered patients with addiction, as many as 34 million have sought help for psychostimulant addiction, which is much more than the total number of people using heroin and cocaine.

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